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What is Bandar's Bounties, and why do you need to join?Founded in 2019 by Bandar. We began to diversify the server adding monitors, new methods, as well as a bounty system for new items/research. We developed and educated a community of growing resellers that is now over 1000 members strong.Learn more about our features →
What we offer.Supplement your income through the use of our services! From reselling, stocks, NFTs, to collectibles and more. Learn to add retail arbitrage to your resume!
Random Resell
Low key collectibles, high key margins! Our dedicated staff finds resellable items daily!
Instant Cashout
We provide an in-house cashout service so you never have to worry about selling an item!
Price Errors
12-pack for the price of 1? YES, PLEASE! We catch price errors so you can take advantage!
Support Team
Our staff is trained and experienced in all aspects of reselling! Specialty staff is also there for help with specific sections!
Major Discounts
Looking for deals up to 100% off? Yes FREE! We have them!
eBay Marketing
Not sure how to start selling on a platform? Dedicated guides and staff will get your reselling career started with ease!
What people say about us.Thousands of experiences in one same place. Our clients have enjoyed the benefits of our group and made thousands of dollars in profits.
"Been here since the first day Bandar created this server and can say that this group has changed my life for the better. I've made new friends & new partners from being in here. Goal for this year is to hit half a million in sales and I know I'll be able to do it with the help of the members and staff love u guys."
@UngovernedMember since 2019
"Just wanted to thank all the staff and my boy Timothy. He walked into the fleet farm I worked at in June 2020 and copped all the pools off the pallet I was stocking. At the time I had no idea what reselling was. As I loaded the pools into his car he told me about reselling and the opportunities it had given him. I joined in late August with $600 in my checking account and I just hit 7k in profit before my 18th birthday. Can't thank y'all enough."
@GSussMember since 2020
"Joined Bandar's Bounties back in September. Focused 100% shoes prior to then... If you wanna take your reselling game up a notch, this is the only place to be. From 10k months to $180k months xD."
@!KrucialMember since 2020
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A group curated to help you defy the laws of making money in a legal manner.
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